CCS Manager
kim loderbauer

Continental Creative Services Manager
Kim holds 20 years of design, leadership and project management experience. A talented designer and creative group manager, she oversees a variety of projects, including website development, social media marketing, advertising initiatives and more. In all she does, Kim strives to meet her clients’ unique needs.

Graphic and Web Designer
Carissa Derge

Graphic Designer
Carissa orchestrates a number of design functions within CCS. In doing so, she handles every project with close attention to detail. Her many responsibilities include the development of advertisements, sales tools, brochures, logos and newsletters.

Graphic and Web Designer
Matthew Liefke

Web & Multimedia Designer
Matthew assists in the production and editing of multimedia communications, including video, websites and interactive content within CCS. In doing so, he works closely with customers, distributors and Continental team members. His work incorporates customer goals using marketing strategies that get results.

Marketing Communications Director
tari Martin

Marketing Communications Director
Tari heads up Continental Girbau, Inc.’s marketing department. She directs the national marketing and public relations efforts of all Continental brands. In doing so, she also oversees the CCS marketing team. Tari holds more than a decade of design, advertising, web and marketing expertise.

Graphic Designer and Marketing Specialist
jodi hull

Senior Graphic Designer
Jodi does a little of everything thanks to her broad design and marketing background. She partners with clients on all projects, listens to their needs and ideas and provides them with marketing, Web and advertising guidance.

PR Specialist and Copywriter
Haley Jorgensen

Public Relations Specialist & Copy Writer
Haley is an experienced public relations professional who works closely with clients to get their good news featured in/on targeted publications and websites. She writes compelling copy for ads, direct mail, case studies, brochures, websites and newsletters.


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